Consumers use banks as a first line of customer support when they dispute a payment which leads to excess charges, risk to MIDs, significant resource costs and reputational damage for merchants and their partners.

PaymentHelp is there when the customer begins their query to ensure it is managed and resolved within the control of the merchant. Disputes are resolved quickly, without impacting merchant and partner resource before they become chargebacks. The end user receives exceptional service, the merchant and partner reputations are escalated and the entire value chain gains.


We integrate with


How it works

Support the customer

Replace your current payment descriptor with a custom PaymentHelp URL that directs your customer to a PaymentHelp site branded to you.

Refund their payments

With a simple search using their email address, your customer will see any payments they’ve made for your service and will be able to cancel and be issued with a refund.

Avoid disputes and costs

You’ll avoid alerts, chargeback and representment costs and keep your dispute rate low. Just as importantly, you’ll have delivered a great customer experience.


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