Payment Help is the new Chargeback Management Service.

We help merchants avoid alerts, chargeback and representment costs, and we keep your dispute rate low. Reduce your chargebacks by up to 63% with Payment Help.

We have 3 packages to support every size of business.

An event is a refund, cancellation or customer contact initiated by a customer using PaymentHelp

Package 3
£ 500 /mo
  500 Events per month

PaymentHelp benefits


  • Reduction in dispute & Alert fees
  • Reduced dispute ratio & lowered risk
  • Less impact on reputation

See up to:
reduction in dispute costs
reduction in disputes


  • No need to deal with merchant OR bank
  • Quicker and easier resolution
  • Better experience, more satisfaction

Minimse Payment Disputes & Chargeback Requests

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The chargeback system offers customers protection from fraudulent merchants, however little is done to protect merchants from opportunistic customers. Using chargeback management software is the most effective defensive tool available to merchants as it allows them to not only reduce chargeback costs, but also manage disputes.

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How it works

Capture the customer

Replace your current payment descriptor with a custom PaymentHelp URL that directs your customer to a PaymentHelp site branded to you, capturing unhappy customers before they go to their bank for a refund.

Refund their payments

With a simple search using their email address, your customer will see confirmation of any payments they’ve made for your service. You’ll be able to resolve their dispute or cancel their account and issue a refund if necessary.

Avoid disputes and costs

You’ll reduce the costs of alerts, chargebacks and representments, save time and resource by dealing with customer issues before they become disputes, and generate less negative reviews, protecting your reputation.

The costs of friendly fraud and payment disputes are huge. Start reducing them today with PaymentHelp.

of dissatisfied customers currently contact the merchant
of all chargebacks are estimated to be friendly fraud
increase in friendly fraud year on year
$24 bn
estimated loss by merchants to friendly fraud in 2020
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