The benefits of Chargeback Management for ERP's 

Jennifer Blake Posted on November 25, 2020

The world is online, and ERP's are busy, facilitating many operations that businesses need to undertake most efficiently. When ERP's and chargeback management come together, businesses become more streamlined by adopting automated processes.


What is ERP software?

Enterprise resource planning software helps businesses manage their daily business activities. An ERP's scope covers project management, compliance, risk management, procurement, accounting, and supply chain operations.

Bringing together multiple business processes by enabling data to flow between applications, an ERP ensures one truth. A typical package includes a content management system (CMS) and financial planning software to help organisations budget, forecast, and report.


Top 5 ERP's in the UK

1. E-Max

Designed for SMEs in engineering and manufacturing, E-Max helps organisations maximise growth and efficiency. Real-time business visibility, scalability, and the inclusion of CRM, BOM, MRP, and SFDC systems, ensures businesses have an affordable solution to take them from enquiry to invoice.


2. Global Shop Solutions

Global Shop Solutions helps businesses with every process from quotation to manufacturing completion. The software promises to help firms run a lean and efficient operation, with scheduling, job costing, accounting, inventory management, CRM, shipping, and quality control.


3. Statii

Statti was created for small and medium-sized manufacturing businesses to help them transform their bottom line. Features include a drag and drop planning board and a feed of shop floor data showing real-time production control, availability and capacity. Benefits include support and training, and the subscription is a low monthly fee.


4. Sapphire Systems

Sapphire Systems helps businesses run in the cloud with resource planning, financial accounting, and asset management.


5. NetSuite UK

A leader in cloud-based business management software, NetSuite helps businesses manage their core processes through a single system, incorporating CRM, inventory management, financials, and e-commerce.

How chargeback management software helps merchants

The key advantage of chargeback management software is that it manages payment disputes and friendly fraud resulting in a reduction of chargeback requests and costs. Merchants benefit from low fees and can choose between providers such as Paypal, Stripe, PayPoint, and Square. Chargeback management software integrates with many different types of software that merchants rely upon, such as PSPs, EPOS systems and CMS's.

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How chargeback management software helps ERP companies

By integrating with Payment Help, you will enable your clients to automate responses to delivery queries. You will add significant value to your value chain by streamlining queries and removing the need for resource-heavy merchant processes. 

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